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Debbie Permoda

Posted on June 21 2017

Bohyme is continually striving to develop new and innovative products to increase your flexability in the methods of extension attachements. The new line of skin and seamless weft extensions is especially good for clients who have fine or fragile hair. They are very light weight and create a very flat indectale attachment.

Bohyme seamless is a perfect combination of the hand tied and machine weft. It is very flat and light weight

NBR Stylists, is the color your client needs out of stock in hand tied? Try using the Bohyme Seamless weft.

Pictured below is the seamless weft sewn in 3 layers next to a sticky note to give an idea of how flat this product lays.

Current colors and lengths in stock are:

Silky Straight 18”












Silky Straight 22”

Tape In Skin Weft

With our new Tape Integrated Skin Weft, we were able to create a 1.5” wide tape strip, so installations are quicker and easier. The frustration-free tape has been extensively tested to ensure the installation and removal process are simple and clean. Our color matched tape blends seamlessly to help create a more natural look.

3” wide strips are coming soon.

Current colors and length in stock are:

Silky Straight 16”


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